Are you considering new windows for your home? As a homeowner, the list of renovations you want to make to your home can get pretty long, but which ones will give you the most bang for your buck? That depends on a couple of things; however, investing in new windows is generally wise.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding if it’s time to get new windows for your home.

Energy Efficiency

New windows means increased energy efficiency. Did you know that 25 to 30% of heating and cooling energy costs are due to the heat lost or gained through windows? This makes your windows a crucial aspect of your home, especially if you want to save on your utilities.

There are ways to improve the efficiency of your current windows, like adding energy-efficient coverings such as solar control film, caulking or weatherstripping, or adding storm windows. These can help keep heat out in the summer and heat inside in the winter, but may not be as effective or long-lasting as installing new windows.

The best solution for the future value of your home is to replace windows with new materials marked with a sticker that certifies the product is energy efficient–either Energy-Star or an NFRC sticker. Just because a window is approved with an Energy-Star does not mean that product is the best choice for your home in your climate.

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) sticker provides a detailed summary of how a material performs in multiple categories of energy efficiency:


The lower this number is, the better this product can keep heat from escaping through the window. This is an important number to consider if you are in a climate that gets colder and you use energy to heat your home at some point during the year.

Visible Transmittance

This measures how well the material is designed to help light your home with natural lighting. The higher the number, the more natural light is let in through the window, and the less energy is needed to light your home artificially.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

This number is extremely important if you live in a warmer climate and measures how well a product or material can withstand or resist heat gain. You want to look for a lower number in this case.

Air Leakage

As the name suggests, this measures how much air can enter through a product. The lower the number, the fewer drafts will occur through the window.

This NFRC summary can give a more detailed view of a product and help you decide which products are best for your home. Not only can this improve the value of the windows and your home, but it will also help save money on heating and cooling costs.

Energy efficiency is a tremendous detail that potential home buyers consider when searching for a new home, so knowing the NFRC ratings can be a great way to boost the value of your home.

As a side note on energy efficiency, it is just as important to ensure that energy-efficient windows are installed to function properly and as efficiently as possible. You don’t want to purchase the best high-quality windows to save money on your energy bill, only to have the installation be sub-par and lead to wasted energy and increased energy costs.


Some home improvement projects can be done bit by bit, but renovating windows is not necessarily one of those jobs. If windows are replaced at different times with different suppliers or installations, it usually results in a very hodge-podge appearance that is less than desirable.

For a cleaner and more congruous appearance, replace your home’s windows at the same time with the same team of professionals who can ensure correct fitting and installation. Having matching or coordinating windows can add balance to the exterior appearance of your home and the way natural light impacts the interior spaces.

New windows can add an updated, fresh look to your home’s interior and exterior. There are many styles of windows to choose from that will improve your home’s curb appeal and the functionality of the window spaces inside.

Whatever your style, some windows can match the aesthetic of your home. Many modern styles can make older homes feel more contemporary, or traditional styles give a more classic or vintage appearance to homes of any age.

No matter what style you choose, new windows are a great way to freshen up your home with a new and improved look.

Return on Investment

Very few home renovations have a high return on investment (ROI) as installing new windows. On average, replacing vinyl windows can yield an 80% ROI. For comparison, this is about the same return percentage as a major kitchen remodel.

The ROI can vary based on different materials and installations. For instance, custom wood windows will have a different cost-benefit ratio than standard size vinyl windows. Additionally, installation costs can vary depending on many different factors.

Considering the average home renovation yields a 70% ROI, replacing your home’s windows is a pretty sound financial investment to increase the value of your home.

Professional Window Replacement from Northern Utah Glass

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