Custom Glass Whiteboards for Home and Office

Glass whiteboards from Northern Utah Glass are the perfect addition to your home or office. Glass marker boards are durable, magnetic, stylish, and remain brilliantly white, even after heavy use. Call us today to order your custom glass dry-erase boards.

Beautiful Glass Marker Boards for Your Home

Keeping track of the daily tasks of life can be a challenge, and a mounted whiteboard can help. Unlike traditional whiteboards, glass whiteboards are a beautiful accent to your home decor. Easy to clean, your glass whiteboard can be fully erased, leaving no stubborn colors behind. Custom glass dry-erase boards from Northern Utah Glass are made to your desired specifications so that you can mount them on the wall of your choice. Glass dry-erase boards are also magnetic, so you can put that important bill or paperwork somewhere you are sure to see it, and it won’t get lost.

Custom Glass Dry-erase Boards For Your Office

Traditional commercial dry-erase boards have a tendency to look blotchy and stained over time. Try magnetic custom glass whiteboards for your office instead. Glass marker boards look amazing, and they never get blotchy. Your dry-erase markers will wipe off cleanly, leaving a stunning white surface behind. Your custom commercial glass dry-erase boards can be ordered to your desired size, with your desired style of edges and mounting hardware. We can even come and install the whiteboards for an easy, hassle-free experience. Call us today for a free in-office estimate.

Patient Information White Boards for Hospital Rooms

With glass marker boards from Northern Utah Glass, you can have a customized set of information printed on the white surface behind the glass, enabling you to erase just the patient information as you get ready for a new patient. These beautiful dry-erase boards can include words and graphics in black and white, or in color. Our glass whiteboards can be made to be any size to fit into your patient rooms. Ask us about our whiteboards with interchangeable graphics.

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