Window Installation for Contractors and Remodelers

Northern Utah Glass is the clear choice when it comes to window installation. We offer outstanding service to property owners and contractors in northern Utah. Glass is delicate and expensive, so be sure to trust the experts!

A Glass Company Trusted by Contractors

Northern Utah Glass partners with numerous contractors, both for new construction and remodels. We serve companies from Brigham City to Draper, and beyond. Contractors continue working with us because of our commitment to timeliness, affordability, and quality. Our expert glass installation team consults with designers to provide recommendations as needed, ensuring each project is beautiful and efficient.

Window Replacement For Remodelers

Whether you are completely redesigning your property or simply upgrading to energy-efficient windows, Northern Utah Glass can handle virtually any window replacement project. Before beginning your project, contact our designers. We can help you during the planning phase to ensure you get the most out of your remodel. Call us for a free consultation to discover various styles, materials, and placement/efficiency information.

Beyond Windows: Custom Mirrors, Glass Showers, and More

Contractors and remodelers look to Northern Utah Glass for a wide range of products. We provide professional installation for almost anything made from glass, whether it be a custom mirror, tabletop, or shower.


Enhance your gym or studio with sturdy mirrors, professionally installed. We also create and install custom bathroom mirrors.

Frameless Glass Showers

We expertly install glass showers, with and without frames. Our team ensures the glass is secure and the joints are watertight.

Custom Glass Tabletops

Impress your customers or guests with a custom glass tabletop. Our glass cutters create tabletops to match any shape or size.

Contact Northern Utah Glass for a Free Consultation

No matter how mundane or unique the project, our glass company will do it right, guaranteed. We’re so confident customers will love our service and installation that we offer free, no-obligation consultations. Contact Northern Utah Glass and discover why so many contractors and remodelers have become lifelong customers.