Custom Mirrors

Northern Utah Glass creates custom mirrors for bathrooms, gyms, living rooms, offices, or anywhere else your home or business needs.

Enhance Your Small Space

Installing a mirror is one of the most effective ways to make a room appear larger. A mirror’s reflection creates the illusion of an area effectively doubling in size. When it comes to mirrors in small spaces, bigger is better. Install an oversized mirror in a small bathroom or living room, and the area will feel much bigger and more inviting.

Add Light Without Wiring

Because a mirror reflects light, it serves to amplify the existing light in a space, brightening any room. Place a large mirror opposite a window, and even on cloudy days, you can notice a significant increase in natural light. Placing a mirror near a light source–whether it be natural light or artificial light–can brighten dark hallways and corners if angled properly.

Custom Bathroom Mirrors

With a custom bathroom mirror, you can have the exact style and elegance you want without compromising quality or durability. Bathroom mirrors are designed to resist more heat and humidity than regular mirrors. If you love the look of a particular standard mirror, Northern Utah Glass can create the same look using materials that are built to withstand the extreme conditions of a bathroom. We create custom mirrors to meet any specifications and fit in any space.

Full Wall Mirrors for Your Gym or Studio

Northern Utah Glass fully customizes mirrors for gyms and studios of all sizes. Whether you are looking to enhance your home gym, open a commercial gym, or need an edge for your dance or music studio, we’ve got you covered. Our expert installation and lightweight materials ensure these break-resistant mirrors will endure all the body and equipment movement that occurs in a gym.

Contact Northern Utah Glass

For whatever custom mirror project you have in mind, Northern Utah Glass can help. In addition to custom mirrors, we provide new windows, glass doors, and other glass products. Our expert team is available to answer any questions you may have. Schedule your free consultation to get started on your custom glass or mirror project.