Vinyl Windows From Northern Utah Glass

Northern Utah Glass offers a variety of vinyl window styles. Vinyl offers an energy-efficient window option that is dependable, and we offer a professional installation that comes with a reliable warranty.

Why Choose Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows are more than just a versatile choice, they are also durable against the elements. Their resistance to heat, water, and the sun’s UV rays makes them ideal for areas with varying weather conditions. But windows are about more than just the view they offer. High-quality vinyl windows are a smart investment that can lead to savings on your utility bills, thanks to their frames that minimize thermal transfer. Enhance your home’s exterior with these updated windows that not only last but also boost your home’s curb appeal. With their high durability and low maintenance requirements, vinyl windows are a practical choice that eliminates the need for painting or refinishing.

Vinyl Window Style

We provide a diverse range of vinyl window styles to cater to various projects and preferences. Whether you are working on a project for residential or commercial windows, our selection includes Slider windows, Double hung, Double slide, Triple pane, Casement, Garden, Bay, Bow, and Awning windows. Each style is designed to meet different aesthetic and functional requirements.

Quality and durability are at the heart of Northern Utah Glass. Our trusted brands’ vinyl windows are crafted to stand the test of time, providing not only the natural light you desire but also the security and privacy you need. Whether you are renovating a home or embarking on a new construction project, you can trust our windows to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your project, offering long-term value for your investment.

Product Styles


With horizontal sliding, choose from a left or right-side operable sash to allow airflow into any room. Ideal for windows facing a balcony or patio because they do not protrude toward the exterior of the home. Great for replacement window and new construction jobs.

Double Hung

A double-hung window has two movable sashes separated by a meeting rail. With two movable panels, the double-hung is easier to maintain, as both panels typically tilt in. It also provides superior ventilation in comparison to a single-hung window.


Awning windows open outward from the bottom allowing air to flow into the home. They are a great solution for hard to reach areas, and are often placed higher on walls for privacy or in combination with large stationary windows for a better view.

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Our sales team is dedicated in assisting you through each step of the process. We will help you make informed decisions about the best windows for your needs and the ideal style to complement your home’s unique character. If you’re ready to enhance your home’s aesthetic, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Schedule a complimentary in-home estimate by calling 801-528-2800. Let us transform your windows and elevate your living spaces.