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Northern Utah Glass proudly serves Northern Utah with both residential and commercial glass installation, repair, and customization.

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Create a stylish look with an awning window. These luxurious windows offer aesthetic benefits in addition to the functionality of an opening window. Hinged at the top, these windows open outward, maintaining privacy while inviting a breeze. Awning windows provide protection from light rain when open, allowing you to ventilate your home while remaining dry. These charming windows are ideal for kitchens and other small spaces.


Looking to make your home stand out? Bay and bow windows add light, field of view, and curb appeal to any home. Northern Utah Glass installs everything from traditional bay windows to fully-customized wrap-around bow windows. Imagine floor-to-ceiling bay windows overlooking a flower garden or a window seat in your reading nook. With your vision and our expertise, you can have the beautiful view you deserve at a price you’ll love.


If you love a breeze, casement windows might be a game-changer. These windows open outward up to 90 degrees, funneling the breeze into your home for superb ventilation. Casement windows can appear sleek and modern, or they can bring a feeling of Old World charm, reminiscent of their introduction in the late 1700s. Place these windows in a kitchen, office, or anywhere you want a serene, unobstructed view.


For a standard, economical window, the single hung window is king. This simple window features a fixed upper sash and a lower sash that slides upward to open. A double hung window also features a sliding lower sash, the key difference being the moveable upper sash. Double hung windows are ideal for ventilation, allowing heat to escape the top while simultaneously inviting a cool breeze in through the lower sash.


This bold piece adds beauty and value to any home. Take in dazzling views and bask in the abundant natural light. A picture window is a practical choice for monitoring children or pets, enjoying a serene view of nature, or illuminating a large area of your home. These windows are fixed–meaning that they do not open–which results in less maintenance than other windows as well as a longer lifespan.


Similar to a single hung window, the slider consists of one fixed sash and one sash that slides horizontally. This style is ideal for windows with horizontal orientation. Slider windows are relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. These windows also offer an unobstructed view throughout the entire height of the window. Install slider windows near a desk, table, or other sitting area, and enjoy the breeze and the view.


Northern Utah Glass is exceptionally skilled at cutting and framing glass to accommodate projects of any shape or size. We work with unique shapes such as round windows, chord windows, and irregular shapes. Our fully customized options can be as large or small as you require, ranging from a hand span to an entire wall. Contact us to learn about stained glass, tinted glass, shatterproof glass, and other specialty options.


Top Reasons to Update Your Home’s Windows

Updated windows can help improve curb appeal, energy efficiency, allergen reduction, noise reduction, and more.

Doors for any project:

These highly versatile doors simultaneously serve as doors, walls, and windows. Imagine an entire wall of your home being transformed into a floor-to-ceiling door that folds open, leaving your outdoor living space fully accessible from within your home. Accordion doors are available in small or large sizes and can serve as patio doors or interior doors, dividing a living area in two and opening fully to reconnect the area.


Custom doors are becoming an increasingly popular trend for residential properties. These beautiful doors are designed to make a bold statement and can be used as exterior or interior doors. Custom doors can be tall and/or wide and often include ornate glass and hardware. Let our experts customize your project with decorative etching and other details to make the door stand out in all the right ways.


A bi-fold patio door provides ventilation, natural light, easy access, and a distinct declaration of style. These patio doors fuse the aesthetics of the home’s exterior and interior and create a smooth transition between the two. Bi-fold interior doors are a stylish way to separate two living areas or to accommodate closets or pantries with little additional clearance. With your bifold door masterfully installed, you can enjoy easy access for years to come.


A new entry door is a reliable way to improve curb appeal and refresh your home. Explore glass entry doors that provide a view and natural light while maintaining the security and privacy your family needs. In addition to providing expert installation, Northern Utah Glass can fully customize your entry door with frosted glass, stained glass, or transparent glass as well as details to complement your individual taste.


French doors create a supremely inviting atmosphere, welcoming the indoors to blend into the outdoors. The double-door feature allows for maximum access, ventilation, and natural light. Similarly, a hinged door offers all the beautiful ambiance of a French door with one panel remaining stationary. Hinged doors enable homeowners to enjoy the benefits of French doors while controlling traffic and minimizing the amount of dirt and insects that enter the home.


Pocket doors are superior for tight spaces or for people with mobility issues. Rather than swinging inward or outward, this door slides closed and, when open, rests inside the wall. This door style is ideal for individuals with limited mobility because they can operate the door with minimal reaching and rearranging. Commonly used for pantries and master bathrooms, the pocket door can be a beautiful, practical addition to your home.


Sliding patio doors introduce an abundance of natural light and timeless beauty, which places them among the most popular types of glass doors. These doors flawlessly unite indoor and outdoor living spaces, allowing you to enjoy a spectacular view from the comfort of your home and an easy transition between the home and the yard. The sliding feature enables you to operate the door without the need for additional clearance.


Screen doors serve as a protective barrier while enhancing the home’s aesthetic appeal, fusing the welcoming atmosphere of the indoors with the beauty of the outdoors. Storm doors usually feature a combination of screen and glass panels, enabling sunlight and fresh air to enter the home while insects remain outside. These doors are durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions, require minimal maintenance, and are available in various styles, finishes, and colors.


Additional Glass Services

Our ever-expanding glass company offers window repair, board-up services, custom glass tabletops, and windshield repair and replacement.


Add beauty and functionality to your bathroom with a frameless shower or expertly-installed glass shower door. Each glass shower or glass door can be fully customized, with frosted glass or unique dimensions.


A large mirror is a must-have for your dance studio or home gym. Northern Utah Glass offers durable gym mirrors with expert installation. We also install custom bathroom mirrors and unique decorative mirrors.


Northern Utah Glass can provide custom glass for whatever project you require. We install custom tabletops, countertops, and other glass products to meet your specific needs. Contact our team of experts to discover how we can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the bid process work?

Our Inspectors will come offer a free in home estimate. Our team will offer you design input and material and estimated cost details.

Do you work with contractors and new construction?

Yes we will work directly with contractors and new construction builders to install and supply widows directly in the build process.

Do you only supply glass doors?

We supply all kinds of doors ranging with multiple materials including wood, metal, and other materials not just glass.

What kind of materials do you use?

We utilize a multitude of materials, but for windows, we primarily focus on wood, aluminum, and vinyl. For Doors, we can custom-make any door with any material.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a one-year labor warranty on our services. Moreover, most of the products we use come with lifetime warranties from the manufacturers. Contact us if you have any questions about our warranty coverage or if you require assistance with a warranty claim.

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