When someone is looking at a house, their eyes are naturally drawn to the entry doors. If you imagine yourself moving into a new location, you want to picture yourself walking up to the door. You want your door to make a good impression.

The Benefits of First Impressions

Whether you are selling a home or just want your home to look better, focusing on the front door is a great way to make a positive first impression. Their eyes will be set on the entryway whenever anyone approaches your home. Whether you want the attention there or not, the front door is the goal of the approach.

If you want to make an excellent first impression on anyone coming into your home, focus on the front door. Real estate agents often suggest replacing an outdated door before selling to increase the entire house’s curb appeal. In the grand scheme of things, touching up your door is a minimal way to increase the appeal of your home. So, hold off on repainting the house or replacing the siding and focus on a more minor and more affordable upgrade.

Your Front Door and Selling Your Home

When your house goes up for listing, one of the first things a potential buyer will see is the front door. Your front door draws the attention of potential buyers. It will be displayed on every listing site your house goes under and on every picture ever shown to potential buyers.

It is true online and in reality that to sell a house, the buyer must get through the front door.

Replacing your door is an expense you can get back in home value. The National Association of Realtors found that replacing the front door of a home added a high rate of appeal among potential buyers. They estimated that a seller could expect to see about a 75% return on investment for replacing the front door; this means that home buyers value the entire home higher and are willing to pay more just by replacing the front door.

You can do other things with a house to make it more appealing to buyers. You can replace the garage door, rework the front yard, repair the exterior, and replace the siding. Comparatively, replacing the door is a small cost. At the very least, if purchasing a new door is not an option, giving it a fresh layer of paint may offer a similar appeal to new buyers.

Making Your Home More Welcoming

A presentable front door will do more than just add monetary value to your home; it will feel more inviting to guests.

The first step in making visitors feel more comfortable coming into your home is freshening up the front yard leading to the door. This area has the potential to communicate your home’s warmth and friendliness before visitors even make it into the entryway.

A presentable porch accented by a beautiful door can set nervous guests at ease, allowing them to feel more welcomed.

The color of your front door can set the mood for how you want guests to feel when entering the house.

Some examples are:

  • White – Classy and Unassuming
  • Black – Modern and Traditional
  • Blue – Relaxed and Friendly
  • Yellow – Energetic and Welcoming
  • Red – Affirmative and Energetic

Using the right colors and door designs, you can set the mood of your home long before guests make it inside.

Accenting Your Home’s Style

If you want an inexpensive way to redo the exterior of your home, replacing your front door is an excellent place to start. There are plenty of door designs to choose from to accentuate your home’s style.

The material you choose to make your door from, the way it incorporates natural lighting, and the style the door is constructed after will establish a unique tone to your home.

Wooden doors with smaller windows look more rustic, and metal doors with paneled windows look more modern. If you want to alter the interior of your home, changing the amount of natural light coming through the front door can be the difference between old and classy to sleek and modern.

There are more options than just a single door. You may find that you want more natural light coming into the front space. A french-style double door can allow in much more light than any single door can. If a french door isn’t your style, you may want to consider installing a door with sidelights. This style contains your entryway in a single door but allows more light to travel into your home.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Having an energy-efficient door doesn’t have a noticeably visible appeal. The appeal of an energy-efficient door is better appreciated on paper as tenants see their energy bills decreasing.

Most of the energy loss in homes is due to poor insulation around doors and windows. Replacing your front door with a new door with better insulation will help marginally decrease your energy consumption, lowering your bills. So, not only will your home feel less drafty, especially in the room closest to your front door, but your wallet will feel less of an impact too!

This strategy may not dramatically impact the amount you pay every month for energy. Still, the accrued savings over time may be enough to pay off the investment of a new door altogether.

New Door Styles With Northern Utah Glass

If you want to save yourself the time and expense of detailed renovations of your home, consider investing in quality entry doors from Northern Utah Glass instead.

A good front door can increase your house’s curb appeal to potential buyers and visitors. Investing in quality entry doors is also a great way to give your home a new feel.
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