The commercial glass door is a vital component of businesses, contributing to the aesthetics, security, and functionality of the premises. But how much do they cost?

Commercial glass doors are the barrier between nearly every business you visit and the outside world. Restaurants, retail stores, offices, and other commercial settings commonly use commercial glass to construct entry points. These doors are also used internally as barriers between rooms or offices.

The cost of commercial glass doors can vary significantly depending on several factors. In this guide, we’re delving into the varying aspects that influence the cost of exterior and interior glass doors. Here’s what you can expect when budgeting for new doors or a glass door replacement for your business.

What Affects the Cost of Commercial Glass Doors?

As mentioned above, several components weigh into the overall price of commercial glass. Here are a few of the biggest influencers:

  • 1. Type of Glass: The type of glass used for your business is one of the most prominent factors influencing the cost. Commercial glass doors can be made of various kinds, including tempered, laminated, fire-rated, hurricane, security, wire, bullet-resistant glass, and more
  • 2. Size and Thickness: The necessary dimensions and thickness of the doors will also play a vital role in the overall cost. Larger and thicker doors require more materials, so they’re often pricier.
  • 3. Frame Material: Commercial glass doors are highly customizable — aluminum, steel, and wood are just a few frame options. The frame material impacts the overall cost of the doors.
  • 4. Type of Door: Commercial glass doors come in various styles and types, each with unique features, functionality, and designs. Your desired type will also influence the cost. Here are a few styles you can choose from:
    • a. Swinging doors: Swinging or hinged doors are the most common type of commercial glass doors. They’re a functional choice for an exterior or interior glass door. These doors swing inwards or outwards on hinges and can be single or double. Swinging doors are versatile and customizable, with multiple glass options, frames, and hardware.
    • b. Sliding doors: Sliding doors are useful in commercial spaces with limited floor space. They operate by sliding horizontally on tracks. They are available in single or multiple panels and are customizable to fit your needs.
    • c. Revolving doors: Revolving doors are a sophisticated, energy-efficient option for high-traffic space. Hotels, hospitals, and airports are common locations where you’ll find these doors. These doors rotate around a central axis, allowing simultaneous entry and exit.
    • d. Automatic doors: Automatic doors are a convenient, accessible option for busy businesses. They can be swinging, sliding, or revolving and are equipped with sensors or automatic operation. Automatic doors comply with ADA requirements and are quite energy efficient.
  • 5. Hardware and Accessories: Hardware components will also affect the cost. Handles, locks, hinges, and closers are all necessary components that vary in price.
  • 6. Safety Features: Additional safety features might be required. It depends on the door’s intended use. Impact-resistant glass, fire-rated glass, or security film can increase the cost.
  • 7. Location and Installation: The installation cost will vary based on the location and complexity. The price of installing a brand new door varies from a glass door replacement.
  • 8. Styles and Aesthetics: The cost will fluctuate as you customize your glass doors to fit your style.
    • a. Clear glass: Clear glass doors are the most common choice for exterior and interior doors. They provide unobstructed views and allow the maximum level of natural light to flow into the space. The cost will mostly vary depending on the thickness.
    • b. Frosted glass: Frosted glass offers more privacy while still allowing light to shine through. Frosted glass is typically pricier than clear glass.
    • c. Tinted glass: Tinted glass is another suitable choice when privacy is a concern. These doors also come in handy when excess sunlight is an issue. The cost will fluctuate depending on the level of tint and type of glass.
    • d. Decorative glass: Decorative glass is the most customizable option — you can design it with intricate patterns, logos, branding, and more. The complexity of the design will affect the overall price.

Cost Ranges for Commercial Glass Doors

  • Lower budget range: Basic, standard-sized clear glass doors with minimal hardware are the best option for a smaller budget. These doors will get the job done without excessive aesthetic enhancements or security features.
  • Mid-range budget: For a mid-range budget, you can expect tempered glass, basic hardware, and a wider range of styles and sizes.
  • High-end budget: A high-end budget can accommodate more customizable options and high-quality hardware. A wider range of specialty glass options are available with a more flexible budget.
  • Luxury budget: If your budget allows luxury or specialized doors, you can choose from high-security doors or revolving doors that can exceed a typical budget.

Installation Costs

Installation costs fluctuate, whether you’re investing in a glass door replacement or purchasing brand-new doors. Sever factors influence installation costs, including.

  • Location: The location of the door within the building can affect the installation cost. For instance, installing a ground-floor-level door might be more affordable than something on the top level.
  • Accessibility: If the installation site is difficult to access, the cost might increase due to logistics.
  • Size and weight: The thickness or size of the door significantly affects the overall cost. Larger and heavier doors require specialized equipment or more labor for installation.
  • Type of glass: The type of glass might also warrant specialized installation techniques, impacting the cost.

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