Many people can benefit from what bay windows offer. As strange as it may seem, bay windows can help you feel happier and more relaxed. It seems like it’s too good to be true, but there are ways that bay windows can help your mental health while improving your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Bay windows are the type of windows that protrude a little out of your home. They are stylish on the outside and the inside!

Building a bay window is the perfect solution if you want to open your living room to more light. More light shines through your average bay window than the average bedroom window. But there’s more to it than brightness! Here are some other ways bay windows can help improve your home!

Adding Light to Your Home

One of the most appealing features of bay windows is their allowing natural light to flood your home.

Their multi-pane setup opens more of your home to receive natural sunlight. In the summertime, your home will be flooded with warm natural light; during the winters, you will have the perfect vantage point for viewing the snow lightly falling in your yard.

Increasing the amount of sunlight in your home is good for your health. Sunlight signals a portion of our brain responsible for making the chemicals associated with happiness. With more daylight, this region of the brain creates more of these happiness chemicals. In short, sunlight keeps you happy and relaxed!

Creating a bay window for your home allows more sunlight to coat your living spaces. Because you have more sunlight streaming into your home, you will feel calmer and at more peace.

Adds More Style to Your Home

Bay windows usually consist of at least three separate windows that form an aperture in your home. They are the perfect place to set up a cozy relaxation area or feature some of your favorite items for display.

These windows are reminiscent of Victorian-styled houses. The same unique shapes that make the towers and bays of old Victorian houses can be incorporated into your home design in a relaxed and fashionable way.

You can add these windows to your living room to expand the space and help visitors feel more welcome. You can choose to build a couch or display area into the space to make a cozy-looking corner or a fashionable display table for flowers or decorations.

Create More Space

There are two great ways to make your home feel larger and more comfortable. The first way is by adding mirrors into your design. Mirrors reflect an image of the open room right back at you. This can help a cramped space feel more open.

The second way is to increase the size of your windows. The more window space you have, the more you can see in the world. Big open windows help increase the feeling of size in rooms simply by allowing you to see more of the world outside.

It doesn’t matter what is on the other side of your window. Whether it’s your front porch or a cozy view of your backyard, you have a great view of something beautiful.

Good for Ventilation

Bay windows are made of multiple panes and windows. They are beautiful and elegant but do more than just provide a good view.

Many bay window installations come with at least two windows that can open and allow fresh air into your home. More open windows mean more fresh air. Instead of having one meager window allowing a cool spring breeze to drift into your home, consider the benefit of having more windows open to the world!

Add to Your Home Value

The openness of bay windows is attractive for home-buyers. Many individuals find that the way these windows allow more natural light into the home and how they help a space feel bigger is worth some extra money.

If you want to secure additional value in your home in case you want to sell while also helping your home feel more open, install some bay windows. You’ll enjoy them and increase your home value at the same time!

Versatility for Any Room

Do you want to make any room feel more open and comfortable? You guessed it! Bay windows are great in any room or space in your home.

If you find your dining room is cramped, you can extend it out into a bay. An addition like this offers a kingly feel to your dining area. You’ll be more comfortable and will get to enjoy the view from the comfort of your dining area.

Bay windows are also great for bedrooms. Creating a better view from your bedroom gives you more space to be creative. Perhaps you can utilize the space and build a bookshelf and bench into it. This setup makes a cozy work area for anyone to sit in and relax!

Extra Space for Living

Another benefit we have alluded to multiple times is how bay windows add space to your home.

These windows typically protrude outside, thus increasing the square footage of your home, making it physically larger. But this isn’t the only way these windows make your home larger; they let more light into your home and create a better view of the outside world.

If your home feels cramped, adding bay windows can help make the space feel larger while not costing as much as an entire remodel or home addition.

Improve Your Home With Bay Windows From Northern Utah Glass

Are you looking to add more space to your home? How about increasing the amount of natural light? Bay windows are the perfect solution to change your home affordably and beautifully.

Here at Northern Utah Glass, we have all the window materials you need to add a bay window that will enrich your home. Contact us to get a quote on how much it will be to brighten up your home!