If you’ve ever wanted to put your plants up for display or create a mini greenhouse in your home, garden windows are the way to go. If you’ve never heard of them, they’re specialty windows that protrude from the side of your home and have glass on every side.

Not to be confused with its much more prominent counterpart, the bay window, these windows typically have casement windows that act as end vents alongside a glass roof for maximized sun exposure.

If you’re considering adding a garden window to your home, it’s important to know about what they can do for your home, how much you can expect to spend, and what the stipulations are for having one installed in your home.

How Can You Benefit From Garden Windows? 

Aside from adding a unique touch to your home’s aesthetic, a garden window offers various benefits:

Natural Lighting: For starters, you’ll see an increase in natural light, which is not only great for your plants but also for your utility bill. More natural light means you’ll have to use your lights less often. It’s recommended that you put a garden window in rooms that are more prone to darkness since these areas will probably benefit from the windows most.

A Great Environment for Your Plants: You’ll also gain more space to place your plants, especially those that need more direct sunlight. A garden window acts as a mini-greenhouse and will keep your favorite plants alive and healthy.

Increased Ventilation: As we touched on briefly, many garden windows come with side windows that you can open if you’re looking to improve your air circulation.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay for Garden Windows? 

Pricing will always depend on the hardware, sizing, and materials used for the window. You can expect to spend anywhere from about $1,000 to $4,000 for your standard garden window.

Something to Consider 

These types of windows need ample exterior room to install since they’re going to protrude from your home. This means that you can’t just install them anywhere, and they need to be in a spot where you won’t be obstructing a walkway or path outside your home.

You should also be selective with the materials you’re going to use for your garden window. More sunlight means a reduced need to turn on your lights, but it also means that you may experience a rise in that room’s temperature; this could ultimately lead to higher air conditioning usage. To save on energy costs, it’s best to use materials like vinyl or wood for your frames— these materials provide optimal insulation.

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