When it’s time to consider remodeling the bathroom or even when building your home, you should give special care to your glass shower door.

While not the focal point of your bathroom, the shower door makes up a significant portion of your home’s aesthetic. The right shower door can make or break your bathroom design, so give it special care.

Here are a few things to consider when looking for a glass shower door.

1.Height and measurement

The first thing you should consider in your bathroom is the size you can afford to allot for the shower door. Though a seemingly trivial matter, you shouldn’t overlook this crucial step.

Your glass shower door should have enough vertical clearance to allow anyone to use it.

Understand how much clearance you have in your bathroom to give to your shower. An improperly sized shower space can make personal hygiene an uncomfortable chore.

Make sure the design you choose for your shower doesn’t sacrifice area space for aesthetics. Your shower needs to have the correct dimensions.

If you don’t feel like you have enough room for a good door, consider skipping the door altogether with a barrier-free design!

2.Space for the shower and door

As an addition to allotting the appropriate amount of space to your shower, you need to consider how much space you are going to need for your shower door.

Many make the mistake of not allowing enough room for the shower door to swing out or slide back fully. This can create unexpected expenses to address the problem or unconventional fixes.

If you plan to put a shower right next to your toilet, sink, or cabinet, be spatially aware of how much room your door will need to open and shut fully.

Additionally, choose a door design that isn’t too bulky and doesn’t crowd your shower space. You wouldn’t want to feel claustrophobic every time you shower!

3.Shower Door Opacity and Design

In the design of your bathroom, give due consideration to your desire for privacy.

Do you feel the need to ensure you can’t be seen when showering, even if you live alone? Do you like the enclosed feeling of being contained in an opaque container, sealed off from the world?

The design and opacity of your glass shower door should be selected before you have it installed. The added expense of removing a door and texturing the glass can throw a wrench in your design budget.

Consider these design options before installing your door:

Clear Glass Doors

Clear glass doors are generally the least expensive option for your shower door. They can serve as a base template for further design modifications or be used independently.

Low Iron Glass

Regular glass doors aren’t as clear as you would think, especially as their thickness increases.

The thicker the glass, the greener the tint will appear. This is due to a high iron content throughout the panel.

Tinted Glass

If you’re into minimalistic designs, then having a texture or veneer on your shower door probably doesn’t sound appealing.

Instead of adding a new element to your glass, change the tint instead. You can use the tint to match the vanity, floors, and the rest of your aesthetic. Choose the color and grade that will best fit your style.

Etched and Blasted Doors

Another popular way to add design features to your bathroom is by changing the texture of the glass. This option is more expensive than a veneer but superior in quality and look to veneers.

Etched and blasted doors alter the glass directly through engraving a design or through sand-blasting one side. The results vary depending on how you customize it. Generally, however, this is often used as an alternate way to increase the opacity of the door while adding a stylish flourish and maintaining quality.

4.Design Continuity

Consider the overall design before settling on a single option when designing and building your bathroom. There are several different layouts, pallets, and styles for your bathroom. Choose a door that blends into the overall layout of the bathroom.

5.Hard Water and Cleanliness

If you haven’t installed a hard water filter or live in a very humid place, you should consider how easy it is to clean your shower.

Hard water stains will quickly coat the interior of your shower. If your shower is made of clear transparent glass, you’ll be able to distinguish the hard water spots on your shower clearly.

In humid areas, you’re more likely to see spots of color in the damp corners of your shower caused by fungus. While not everything that grows in humid environments is dangerous, it can be unsightly. You’ll want something that can be easily cleaned.


Know how each section of your bathroom will receive light. You don’t want to be showering in darkness!

Be sure your shower has its own lighting fixture or has enough transparency to allow you to see while in the shower. This is an easy step to overlook, so make sure you don’t!

7.Ease of Installation

Whether you are doing a personal project or hiring a crew to do all the heavy lifting and installation, you should consider how easy it is to install the shower door.

This is merely to protect you against accidents and injury. The heavier, bulkier, or more complicated the door, the greater the likelihood that you or someone on your team will damage something or sustain injury.

The problems can worsen if you live in a home full of tight corners and small doorways. While the shower design you hope will make a good fit for your bathroom may look good in concept, it may fail in its practical application.

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