If you are looking to update and improve the appearance and functionality of your bathroom, consider installing glass shower doors. Upgrading to glass shower doors can have many benefits which you may not have thought.

Even if your bathroom currently has glass shower doors, you can easily add new life to your shower by replacing and recycling your old shower doors with new frameless glass shower doors.

But what are the benefits of having glass shower doors, and why should you consider ditching your cute shower curtain for glass? Here are six reasons why glass shower doors are an excellent investment you will never regret. If you are ready for a safer, cleaner, and brighter bathroom, keep reading to find out why glass shower doors are the answer you didn’t know you needed.


When people think of glass, they usually think of how fragile and delicate glass can be. This is true of certain types of glass, but shower doors are made of tempered glass designed to be more durable than you may think.

Tempered glass is manufactured using a process of intense heat and pressurized cooling. The result is glass that is four times stronger than standard untempered glass. The tempering process causes the surface to compress and create tension inside the glass.

This not only increases the strength of the glass and the pressure it can withstand, but it also makes the glass safer if it ever breaks. When tempered glass is broken, it shatters into smaller, dull pieces instead of sharp shards. This makes it safer and easier to clean up and less likely to cause injuries.

For these reasons, many states have existing regulations that all glass used in bathrooms be tempered glass. Even if your state does not require tempered glass, it is best to ensure that tempered glass is used in the installation of your glass shower doors.

Easier To Clean

Have you ever noticed how gross and dirty your shower curtain can get? All that soap scum and mildew just sit on the curtain until it might get rinsed off once in a while, or you end up replacing the entire shower curtain.

Glass shower doors are so much easier to clean than flimsy curtains. You don’t even need harsh cleaners. There are many homemade cleaners that banish hard water stains, mildew, and soap scum and leave your shower sparkling.

What is even better about glass shower doors is that you can easily maintain clean doors in between deep cleaning by using a small squeegee after your shower to wipe away excess steam and droplets. This will make deep cleaning even more effortless and prevent soap scum and other grime from accumulating in the rest of the shower and bathroom’s corners, nooks, and crevices.

Upgrade to frameless glass shower doors for even easier cleaning and a simplistic look. Without a metal or acrylic frame, there are even fewer tricky places to scrub.

Bathroom Appears Larger and Brighter

Most bathrooms are designed to use a small space with very little natural light. This can be compounded with a shower curtain that blocks any of the light that might come from a window above the shower or bathtub.

The space immediately feels larger and more open when you have glass shower doors. This is primarily because light can be dispersed and reflected throughout the entire bathroom. Glass won’t increase the square footage of your bathroom, but it can make it feel bigger and brighter without any other changes.

If you’ve ever struggled to read the label of one of the bottles in your bathroom and used conditioner or body wash when you meant to use shampoo, it may be time to switch to glass for your shower doors.


Did you know that having glass shower doors is safer than open-concept showers or shower curtains?

When properly installed, glass shower doors create a seal around the shower that prevents water from leaking or dripping down onto the floor and creating a slipping hazard. Additionally, by making better use of space and light, glass shower doors eliminate the dank darkness in which mold and mildew thrive.


Do you have an unusually shaped shower or an uncommon bathroom floor plan? Are you looking to make a unique statement with your shower remodel? Glass shower doors are extremely customizable. Instead of manipulating standard-size curtains and curtain rods to fit a non-standard size space or layout, have a professional glass company design and install the perfect customized glass doors for your shower.

So whatever you are looking for when it comes to upgrading your bathroom, choosing glass shower doors can be the perfect solution.


When you look at all of the benefits of glass shower doors, it’s clear that upgrading your bathroom with glass shower doors can also increase the value of your home. The average bathroom remodel offers an average return on investment (ROI) of 60-65 percent. This can increase another 10-15 percent when installing glass shower doors as part of the remodel.

Not only will you have a cleaner, more beautiful, safer, and larger-looking bathroom, but you will also add value to your home.

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